Allergy Injections

For Allergic Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis or Conjunctivitis and Insect Allergies.

Dr. John V. Kelly specializes in providing proper Immunotherapy in order to increase the patient’s tolerance to specific allergens that effect their immune system. Allergy injections work like vaccines in that your body responds to the allergy and develops a greater tolerance to combat the allergy in the event that the patient is exposed to a greater amount of it.

Allergies are caused by a chain reaction that starts with the immune system. For example if you are allergic to pollen, your immune system reacts to it by producing antibodies that results in causing an allergic reaction. Increasing the tolerance of your immune system to your allergen will help to avoid those sometimes, rather annoying allergy reactions that you experience.

Allergy injections work in two phases:
  • Build-Up Phase: Ranges from three to six months in which the patient receives increasing amounts of injections of the specific allergen, usually once or twice a week.
  • Maintenance Phase: Once the most effective dose of the allergen is reached, this phase begins. The time between injections is increased to two to four weeks between injections.

Effected Immunotherapy is usually continues for three to five years to ensure that the patient has developed a good tolerance to the allergen. The right care can make the difference between suffering with an allergic disease and feeling better. Let Dr. Kelly as Internist, help you with your Immunotherapy.

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