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Thank you Dr. John V. Kelly!
They never have that typical, annoying music playing here. If they do play music it is soothing and appropriate for the setting. The restrooms at this provider’s office were clean and well-maintained. You could tell that they cleaned them regularly. They make sure to treat all their clients equally and without favoritism. I’ve always hated it when I’ve seen favoritism going on at other places I’ve visited. It’s nice that it doesn’t happen here. I’ve been to one or two places that had a really bad smell. I was worried I would encounter it here too but I didn’t notice anything. It was nice to see them treat their staff with so much respect. It was obvious that they had a good relationship with all of their staff members. —

Dr. John V. Kelly,  a true character!
I have been visiting Dr. Kelly for as long as I can remember. He has always been there to make sure everything was in good order with my health. Dr. Kelly performed all of my sports physicals, regular checkups and would see me anytime I was ill. This doctor is extremely intelligent and a quick thinker. I find comfort in the fact that Dr. Kelly really knows his stuff, and is also a good person. I have witness him just sit and talk with an older patient who was clearly just looking for someone to share thoughts with…The office was very busy but he still had the kindness and compassion to not rush away to the next person waiting. That’s character right there. Thanks Doc!  – Nick P.