Visit John V. Kelly, M.D. for all your Primary Physician care needs in Bloomfield, NJ!

The following ancillary services are available at Dr. John V. Kelly’s Facility:
        • Echocardiography/Color Doppler
        • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
        • Laboratory TestingDr. John V. Kelly MD, Internist from Bloomfield, New Jersey
        • Nerve Conduction Study
        • Pulmonary Function Tests
        • Stress Echocardiography
        • Treadmill Exercise (Stress EKG)
        • 24-hour EKG (Holter Monitor)
        • Diet Program
        • Suboxone Program
        • Chronic Pain Assessment Overview
        • Vaccination Program
        • TB Testing
        • Urine Testing
        • Venipuncture
        • Physicals
        • School Physicals
        • Workmen’s Comp
        • Motor Vehicle Accidents
Call 973-338-1900 for 24-hour Emergency Assistance.

Your call will be answered and direct appropriately. Even during off-hours, we ensure you of knowledgeable and personalized care. Using our arrangements with local physicians and combined resources we can provide you with 24-hour care, including on weekends, holidays and after-hours.