Work & Sports Physicals

Pre-participation Physical Examination (PPE) for Athletes and the Work Place.

At Dr. John V. Kelly’s office, Physical Examinations are used to determine if the patient is capable of participating in a specific sport, work condition, etc. All PPEs in New Jersey consist of the medical history and the actual physical exam. Most medical history questionaries are easily answered by your primary care physician since you have been working with them for a few years or maybe many years. Having a primary care physician like Dr. Kelly ensures that your sports and work physical examination reports are properly filled out.

The medical history questionnaire tends to include questions such as: 
          • What are the serious family illnesses present?
          • Did you ever have asthma, diabetes or epilepsy as a child?
          • Previous surgeries or hospital visits and why?
          • What are you allergic to? (bees, insect bites, etc.)
          • Any past injuries? (bone fractures, sprains, concussions, etc.)
          • Have you ever blacked out? (felt dizzy, had chest pains, trouble breathing, etc.)
          • Are you currently on any medications? (including over-the-counter, herbal supplements or prescription medications)

Using your primary care physician for your pre-participation physical examinations in New Jersey guarantees that you are getting a complete medical history and physical report. Ideally, your children and yourself should see your primary care physician before any sport is played to make sure that you and/or your children are full capable.

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